JKD Concepts

JKD Concepts

JKD Concepts rely on a purely functional and organic approach to self defense.

First founded by Bruce Lee in 1967, this blend of a variety of martial arts was evolved by Dan Inosanto and further expanded upon by the legendary Paul Vunak.

This legacy has found its place in Toronto in the form of Makoto Kabayama—and the tradition has been carried on with his team of instructors.

As one of Paul Vunak’s premier students in the 1980’s and only one of a dozen that rose to Senior Certified Instructor [Sifu], Makoto Kabayama first introduced JKD to Canada over 20 years ago.

Makoto, a 24th generation samurai decendant and founder of the JKD Family, has conducted seminars and clinics for the military, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, schools and private organizations across the world.

Makoto has integrated “traditional” concepts from across the martial arts spectrum, including:

Wing Chun, Savate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Karate, Ninjutsu as well as the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA-Kali & Escrima) and stresses the use of simple & natural body mechanics, combined with technique. See Making of Makoto.

A lifetime of study has led to a distillation of traditional disciplines into his JKD Concepts--a unified, singularly efficient and extremely functional system of self defense.

JKD Concepts is a definitive blend and application of martial arts for people of this modern day.

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