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A Broader ViewEvery so often its time to renew ones commitment to whatever level of goals one may have within self defense training.


The question becomes: What does it mean to you?


It’s a personal question and, at its best, training should be a personal journey.


This is what it means to me…


In my mind, my training is not so much about fighting as it is about choices and, ultimately about freedom.


Freedom gained by the recognition that in many ‘worst case scenarios’ you will not have to fight.

Training not to fight, by simply learning to recognize the moments and ‘intersections’ in time where you can choose ‘not to fight’.


Freedom to feel good about allowing that humanity to take precedence over misplaced ego, pride, anger or frustration.

Freedom to walk or run away from any threat and be at peace with that.


Freedom of expression, if all else fails, where your choices are so limited, and a physical reaction is necessary that you can move effectively to increase your chances of getting home safe and sound. Where you can explode with commitment to gaining the upper hand and thus allow your humanity to dictate the terms of mercy.


Renewing that frame of mind, in thread of training is not always easy. Getting caught up in winning and losing, in beating and the bloodlust can be intoxicating and perhaps even necessary on some level.


However, in the quieter times, its important to remind myself that on a higher level, my training serves to allow me the freedom to functionally survive rare moments in order to live a fuller life.

Peace& See Ya in Class



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