The principals of JKD Concepts are taught within a simple 3 Tier Program designed specifically to help individuals from all walks of life, protect themselves from violent assaults in a simple and effective manner.213

JKD Concepts emphasizes development of superior fighting attributes by blending techniques from a variety of martial arts and applying them as needed in a given situation.

Properties such as range of combat, the concepts of interception, forms of attack and centerline are the keys in understanding how the training will progress.

Techniques borrowed from a myriad of different fighting arts are blended together in a graceful and seamless flow in order to deal with the changing dynamics of a confrontation.

With all of this in mind, the focus of JKD Concepts is:

  • Awareness
  • Avoidance
  • De-escalation and when all else fails–
  • Self Preservation Assault Response [S.P.A.R.]…in the interest of getting home safe and sound.


Novices must often “unlearn” habits that may not offer the best possible solution for personal safety.

Students are focused on core principals of footwork, target/weapon identification, breathing relaxation and maintaining an awareness of “safety first” for any situation.

Simulated weapon training is used as a tool to begin the development of attributes that will serve to reinforce and enhance empty handed strategies and concepts.



Intermediates build upon and fine tune these core principals resulting in speed, power and efficiency.

Techniques are blended into a natural “flow”-allowing the students to discover the simplest and most efficient uses of these techniques under any given circumstances.

Simulated weaponry training is advanced along with sensitivity drills to enhance response, balanceand grace of movement.



Advanced students are focused and challenged on discovering the subtleties in the form and function of the core concepts in order to adapt solutions to any manner of a confrontation.

Classes are offered throughout the week,refer to the Calendar [See Classes].

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