33Modern day life and its luxuries come with a price.

Stress and anxiety plague us. Our ability to ward off its affects is waning.

There is a lack of balance.

The imbalance lies between our mental and physical ‘intelligence’.

Today, we are a long way from the days of having to seek out food and defend our lives with knife and spear—

Yet our ‘physical intelligence’ still yearns for expression…to simply move and- more importantly-move gracefully.

26 Modern day man2

Active minds must inhabit an active body

We are as much wired to “Move” as we are wired to “Think”.

Through training,- grace, agility and co-ordination increases and ultimately  healthy bodies connects us to a clarity of thought.

Our bodies seek balance and harmony.

This harmony is gained in moving with an economy of motion…expressing ourselves physically…

We once were warriors-

Men, women and children alike- moving with grace and balance…

Andthat need to express yourself physically is still very much alive today…

We once were warriors—

We are warriors still— peacekeepers, of sorts, to what we hold dear.

We are all fathers, mothers, sons & daughters- tradesmen, professionals and laborers alike,

Fighting modern day26 modern day man

battles and trying to find peace in the absence of war.

There is a thirst to express our modern day “warrior’s spirit”…

While living everyday lives as parents, friends & family-

Modern Day Warriors…

Peacekeepers– all.


At the Third Degree, we believe in the modern day warrior spirit of peace, honor and comradererie..

“Reminding you to remember– and to never forget what has been forgotten…”