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Dundas Location has Moved…

Due to some unforeseen circumstances,there is some difficulty in ensuring a consistent new location for classes. With that in mind, new students hoping to attend should please check back with us at a later date for details. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and we hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you.

Training: What does it Mean to You?

Every so often its time to renew ones commitment to whatever level of goals one may have within self defense training.   The question becomes: What does it mean to you?   It’s a personal question and, at its best, training should be a personal journey.   This is what it means to me…  

Silver Anniversary

New Location and New ‘Beginnings for Beginners’

Its been a while and lots has gone on… Our group has moved its ‘beginner classes’ to a new location and we feel there is a real fit there. TBD This falls in line with our philosophy. We take a functional approach to self defence. No gimmicks, no belt system and although it is still

Makoto and Paul on Toronto Jay Show!

Makoto and Paul Irish had the opportunity to appear on the Toronto Jay show this past Friday. They spoke of their initial beginnings and what it meant to be a martial artist—and as a JKD practioner how it ultimately has led them both to a free form of self expression. As Paul stated, its a

‘Lets Get It On!’ MMA Seminar!

For those of you that missed last year’s seminar….Makoto Kabayama and Paul Irish will be conducting another MMA focused ‘fight seminar’. Over two days, these two world class instructors will share their vast knowledge of JKD and martial arts and its application to ‘the fight’. Both Makoto and Paul are martial arts treasures that will

City Commando Now Showing!

Hey Everyone!! For those of you that may not have heard….Sifu Makoto Kabayama has been the principal consultant on a new show now airing on Rogers MensTV-ch.280 He, along with students and you rs truly show up in various shows— If you are able to check out the show City Commando.…its new and on Mens

What Can Be Learned from Martial Arts?

What can be learned from martial arts? Seems like an obvious question. For the record, its not just about learning to “fight” There are many valuable life-skills to be learned in the martial arts. Among these are: learning to control aggression, the development of self-respect and self-control, a focus on fitness for life, as well

Most Frequently Asked Question…..How long will it take?

This answer is old news. We are old fashioned that way. All great things take time…Who are we kidding? Great things will take just a bit more time. That is a fact and that is the art. But Some pretty good things can happen pretty fast. Simply defending yourself does not have to take years.

Bullied Girl Posts Video—Gets Help from Police.

According to CNN, a 15-year-old voiced her dislike for a hip-hop music group and got punched in the face by a classmate. A crowd of six to 10 classmates were following the girl and her boyfriend home from school in Newark, Ohio, on an autumn day in September. Some kids were taping it and others